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Our consultants are specialists who have in-depth expertise in law firm technology consulting. Many of our consultants have worked for law firms either as technology managers or support staff. We have significant inside expertise and an experienced perspective on how technology should work for your firm. We maintain significant investments in emerging technologies, providing you with a unique insight in selecting the appropriate technology for your firm – we know what works and what doesn’t.

Our service expertise runs the full range of law firm technology including: financial management systems, word processing systems, project management, technology management, database development and conversions, email, networking, workstations, staff evaluations, contact management, document management, intranets, extranets, vendor evaluation, needs analysis and recommendations and application implementation.

Technology in a law firm has moved from a back office consideration to one that can have a direct impact on client relationships, efficiency (both from a practice and administrative perspective), firm profitability, marketing and attorney hiring and retention. We strongly believe that technology can enable attorneys to work more effectively and build stronger relationships and links between themselves and their clients.

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Potomac offers a range of services and flexibility to meet your technology needs. Serving the Arlington and Washington DC area since 1989, Potomac has developed strong expertise in designing and maintaining a technology infrastructure that maximizes your business objectives. We are located in Arlington but serve the surrounding areas extensively. Interested in learning more about how we can help?

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